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Really enjoyed the playthrough on this one. I liked how the damn buggers kept spawning and pushing me to focus. I was stupid and didnt think I could just use the mouse.... should have read the instructions I guess! Otherwise, very fun and I can certainly see this being made into a mobile game. Keep up the great work.

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I just played your game. Didn't manage to finish it. The "That giant is tough" map was a bit too difficult for me.

In terms of feedback, In general I think you did a fantastic job and managed to create a full blown game during the jam. Quite impressive. Also showing good improvement compared to your previous jams.

Regarding the game itself, the only feedback I have are minor things:
- Such as the fog on the winter map being too dense
- During the force field tutorial some of the guys got stuck within the force-field forcing me to wait for it to end.
- Maybe you can add a skip level button (Sorry if I glanced over it if it exists)

In the end I think the game would function quite well on mobile. This game seems to tick all the boxes for it, and I recommend trying to get it on that platform. You could use pinch for zooming, swipe for moving and tap for doing your general things. Etc.. Anyways, great job on the game!

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Thank you so much! That means a lot